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Lettuce, Red cabbages, Eggplant, Cherry tomatoes, Coriander, Basil, Mint, Thyme, Tsunga, Rape, Red onions, White onions, Coloured peppers, Bunching onions, Celery

ATRAZ ( Mukomana Wemombe)

Artificial Insemination Services on Offer!

Chimani Delights

Honey, Peanut butter and Cold Pressed Sunflower oil. Tomatoes are also available.

Bucabella SP

Bucabella SP - The root of all happiness

Zororo Chirema
in Cabbage

Fresh Iceberg Lettuce

Aqua Boreholes

Borehole Drilling (the cheapest)

Janet Musadaidzwa

Supplier for all your Fish and Roadrunners.

Taurayi H Munyembani

Doing rape, tsunga, carrots, cucumber, and watermelons

Bird's Eye Chilli

Fresh and dried hot chili peppers.

Louise Makarati

Selling fresh cabbages and fresh rape

Gamuchirai Hondoma

Plastic seedlings trays

Zikhali Farm Produce

Cabbage, Red cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Lettuce, and Baby marrow

Chengatai Chikwari
in Cabbage

Fresh affordable cabbages

Gogo's Chickens

Farm Fresh Frozen Chickens

Cathrine Macharaga

For your horticulture seedlings and fresh onions

Serene Harvests

Fresh Lettuce and Carrots for sale

Rawlings Chikava | Frabella Pvt Ltd
in Tomato

Mr. Chikava a chief in Masvingo and an upcoming farmer.

Cliff Ambrick
in Fish

Kapenta Fresh Fish its small sizes

Farai Mutseyekwa

Lettuce and Carrots

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