What to consider for a mushroom farm

When choosing a location for a mushroom farm, there are a few things to consider such as:

  1.  distance to the market 
  2. availability of good quality substrate material 
  3.  transportation of both product and substrate material 
  4. readily availability of clean water


 Before one can start to plan the layout, the processes to be performed at the mushroom farm will have to be listed. For example, whether or not an inoculation room is required depends on whether growers are going to prepare their own substrate or buy inoculated substrate. 
The farm layout should also include: 

  1. An efficient flow of substrate materials 
  2.  Measures to prevent contamination on the farm 
  3.  Efficient use of space 


The mushroom farm should provide suitable climatic conditions. It is possible to adapt existing structures such as chicken houses, old milk factories and slaughterhouses. 

 Floors: On a low investment level, mushroom houses are just built on arable land. On a higher investment level, cemented floors are used. Slightly inclined cemented floors provide a smooth surface that can easily be cleaned and allow excess water to drain. A screened basket could be used to collect the coarse debris from the drained water. The drainage system of the different rooms should not be connected to prevent disease in one growing room from easily spreading to other rooms. The floors should also be smooth to facilitate the handling and transport of materials.

Doors, windows and other openings: Doors and walls should close properly to prevent insects from entering the growing rooms. A double door, with a wire mesh for the second entrance, can help to keep insects out. The same rules apply for windows. The openings through which air is either blown in or out of the rooms should have at least a simple filter or cloth as a barrier.

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