Wallace Mukoka

As an agronomist or a scientist, my area of study is plants and soil in order to increase soil productivity; develop better cultivation, planting and harvesting techniques; improve crop yield, quality of seed and nutritional values of crops; and solve problems of the agricultural industry. I am an experts in the science of soil management for land reclamation and crop production to improve the quality of seed and the nutritional values of crops.

I conduct tests and are concerned with the practicing principles of soil management and crop production in fields. Also conduct experiments to increase soil fertility and develop the best methods for increasing crop productivity and quality. Primary duties of me include the best way to use land after performing statistical analysis of data, measurement of soil salinity and nutrient levels for planting crops.

I also creat a WhatsApp chatbot called uMudhumeni which helps farmers for free farming information.

The chatbot has features such as Weather forecast







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