• 750ml boiling water

  • 5 cups roller meal, plus extra

  • Cold water




Step 1

Add 1/2 cup of mealie - meal to a large saucepan. Add enough cold water to completely soak the mealie - meal and to make a smooth paste.

Step 2

Place saucepan over medium high heat, and while stirring add the boiling water slowly. Continue to stir evenly and constantly to prevent the mealie - meal from settling and hardening at the bottom of the pan.

Step 3

As the mixture heats up, the texture changes from rough to smooth. Continue to add water to loosen the mixture and allow it to boil with enough movement - some upward spattering will occur!

Step 4

Allow the mixture to boil under medium high heat for about 10 minutes. Add extra mealie - meal ½ cup at a time and stir. At this point the sadza requires heavy stirring as it thickens! Continue to add more and stir evenly until the sadza takes on the appearance of smooth stiff mashed potatoes.

Step 5

After the sadza reaches the desired texture and is well mixed,turn heat off and cover and let it set for a couple of minutes before serving. Spoon into a large dish and smooth over with a wooden spoon. Serve with your favourite relish. Delicious!


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