Benefits of Value Addition

Crop diversification is an important step toward nutritional security because it allows farmers to make more money and sell their produce in a market system that is viable. According to the World Food Programme, value addition is one of the most critical components of nutritional security (WFP).


The most important problem facing farmers today is the providence of remunerative price to their produce. The problem could be solved largely by the means of processing and market produce. Value addition addresses problems like food wastage creates jobs and increases the shelf life of the produce.

Need for Value Addition

  • To improve the profitability
  • To empower the farmers and other weaker sections of society especially women through gainful employment opportunities and revitalize rural communities
  • To provide better quality, safe, and branded foods to the consumers
  • To emphasize primary and secondary processing
  • To reduce post-harvest losses
  • Increases opportunities for smaller farms and companies through the development of markets
  • Overall, increase farmers financial stability

Parameters for Value Addition

Any attempt for value addition should focus on the following parameters for deriving maximum benefits

Unique: the product should be one of its kind for which crops and variability indigenous to our country should be exploited

Novelty: the product should be new and unusual so that no one can compete

Export potential: the product developed should have demand in the international market for higher return and appreciation of the benefit of global trade

High value: the product should have high value for low volume for ease of trading and distribution.

Availability: consistent availability of the product in required quantity should be ensured for stable market and faith

Market: any product that is developed must have a market because the market is the key for the success of any product


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